Wedding Photography Lighting – Off camera flash with Godox X1T-S, TT685-S, V860II-S, AD360

Wedding Photography Lighting – Off camera flash using the Godox X1T-S, TT685-S, V860II-S, AD360

As a wedding photographer I love to use natural lighting. However sometimes it’s best to be able to supply additional lighting via video style lighting or off camera flash. In the past I’d used the yongnuo lighting setup as those allowed me to have full manual control. However recently i’ve moved to using the Godox lighting setup as it offers me a couple of great features for portrait and wedding photography with respects to off camera flash. Now I’ve moved to Sony it’s also a great time for me to have reevaluated my flash options.

Here’s a run down on the equipment and why i use it:

X1T-S Trigger

This goes on my camera and lets me control different groups and change them between TTL and manual. All very easily controlled and very reliable.

Godox V860-II-S

This is my preferred flash for OCF/on camera work as it used Li-Ion batteries so lasts pretty much forever. It has the 2.4ghz trigger built in that works directly with the x1t-s without having to buy anything additional to use with full off camera flash controls.

Godox TT685S

This is the AA battery powered version of the 860-II-S so it is great if you have a supply of AA’s. It’s about £50 cheaper too which is good if you’re buying many of them. In my experience this is a slightly slower to recycle unit. When with fresh batteries this is less noticeable but if you have a 685S and a V860II you will see the 860II recycles faster so i’d bear that in mind when buying.

Godox AD360

This allows me to have much more power than the 860 or 685 units have. You do need to use an USB dongle to work with the X1T system, but, you need that to work with the older FT-16 triggers, though the 2.4Ghz works way more reliably and has longer range.

Example images shot with the Godox flashes

godox off camera flash setup

godox off camera flash setup

godox off camera flash setup

godox off camera flash setup

godox off camera flash setup

godox off camera flash setup

See here for links to the flashes I used on amazon UK.

Summary and Conclusions

I now recommend the godox flashes for people looking for reliable off camera flash with both TTL and manual control. The Yongnuo system is still great for full manual shoots, but, the need to have additional triggers for TTL (any not available for sony) made me look elsewhere. I have to say the LiIon batteries whilst more expensive than AA’s is great for not having to worry about charging AA’s or worrying about running out of power. Especially great if you use flash a lot, or aren’t sure if you are going to use it a lot.

Links to flashes used

Godox – V860-IIS –
Godox TT685S –
Godox X1T-S –

Manfrotto flash shoe –
Manfrotto Nano stand –

Other reviews/resources

My good friend and Nottingham wedding photographer Martin Cheung also uses these flashes in his work

Video reviews/helpful thoughts

Here’s a little video of me setting up the flashes for off camera work:

And an example of using 3 different Godox Flashes to use High speed sync.

and a review of the 860N.. this is pretty much the same as the 860-II S .. with the advantage the 860-II has the built in 2.4ghz receiver/transmitter.



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