Panasonic GX1 – Family – Violet and Joseph – at play

Panasonic GX1 – Violet and Joseph at play

I recently got a Panasonic GX1 – the idea behind this is to have a high quality photographic tool available wherever I am but without lugging a dSLR around with me. All whilst capturing my children at Play.
It was Josephs 4th Birthday this week (We went to the tank museum near bovington). The Panasonic GX1 is a micro four thirds camera (micro 4/3rds), the means its much smaller than a traditional dSLR. Whilst the quality is still brilliant. In fact I could see this being a great little candid camera at weddings or for street photography where you want to remain a bit more inconspicuous.

So Today I took Violet and Joseph to the park for some play and also to give the Panasonic gx1 a bit of a mini workout. You can use face-detection – where you tell it the faces you want to focus on. The Panasonic takes it further in that you can register favourite faces. So I registered their faces, then sure enough in this mode it focuses on their faces and tells me their name (in case I should forget :)).

Lens wise I chose the highly regarded Panasonic 25/1.4 lens. This is the equivalent of a 50/1.4 or standard lens on a 35mm of full frame digital SLR. This gives me the best image quality and the ability to isolate the subject from the background a little bit. With the wonderful weather we’ve been having I used the sun to create some portraits of my children. I love them at play – so carefree and fun. Take a look and let me know your thoughts!

I got my Panasonic with the LiveViewfinder from Castle Cameras, James from Castle cameras was very helpful and you can buy the kit Panasonic GX1 from them, don’t forget to tell them I sent you 🙂




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