Nikon D800 – First impressions of a Dorset wedding photographer

This is going to be a bit of a geeky post, so apologies if you’re wanting to see some wedding photos 🙂 I’ve been shooting both canon and nikon systems for a while now, but recently with the new cameras announced from both manufactures it was clear that neither offered my wedding clients the clear advantage that it did at the time I chose to take a canon and a nikon to weddings to help me photograph them and get the best wedding photographs for my clients.
Ahead of this weekends weddings I put my new Nikon D800 through it’s paces round the mean* streets of blandford forum, dorset (A place with no cities, motorways – or even petrol this last couple of days!) *may not be mean streets at all.

The Nikon D800 is a new full frame professional dSLR with an unbelievable 36 million pixels! so it’s almost as good as the latest phones! Awesomeness!

I’m loving the feel of this camera, feels very solid in the hand, the AF is super snappy too! I love that it has dual card slots – a real bonus for wedding photography as it means you can backup to the second card!

So i wanted to see how it handled focusing and how the image quality stood up to my existing cameras (Nikon D3S and canon 1DS mark 3).

Here we have tigger and the D800 with nikkor 24-70/2.8 lens

I took a photo in the studio to show how it looks at lower ISOs in the studio with my friend tigger again. Great detail – going to be great for the studio!

Here we have an image of people enjoying the sunshine (is it really march?)
This was shot at ISO100 @ f/8 and 1/250 (I used auto iso with bias towards faster shutter speeds)

The dynamic range looks great.

Next up we have a shot of some lovely flowers in the market place of blandford at ISO1600.. looks pretty good to me, no blown reds. nice job nikon!

Here i’m pushing the iso up a bit, shooting at ISO1600, there’s enough dynamic range to get the bus in the shadows and the sky blue, so it’s not blown the sky, again nice, especially at ISO1600 where you typically see less DR)

of course that is reduced for web viewing. Next we have a Nikon D800 image cropped to 900 pixels (not quite a 1:1 crop but you can see the detail and how well the noise is controlled, this will make great prints!)

So far so good – now to give it a proper wedding photography workout, dorset style!

Come back early next week to see how it did at a wedding and bridal photoshoots.



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