Meet the Wedding superstars – Chris from Chris Piercy Magic

Meet the Wedding superstars – Chris from Chris Piercy Magic

As a Wedding photographer I get to work with many awesome people both as part of weddings but also for fun shoots where we can try different things. In the next in my new series where you find out more about other wedding suppliers I have worked with. Today we have Chris from Chris Piercy Magic. I have worked with Chris on many occasions and I can always guarantee a super reaction from the guests!

handsome chris

Tell me a little bit about yourself, what made you start?

I started doing magic at a fairly young age (debates about whether it was 8 or 10, either way I was young.)

I was always fascinated by seeing magic being performed well, Paul Daniels in particular amazed me.

I learnt a few tricks and started performing them to friends and then at college.

I kinda fell into the wedding industry from there and on the way realised that weddings are just so much fun.

Even more fun when I’m there, obviously, but in general it’s a happy day filled with merriment, people wanting to have a great time and I’m only too happy to assist with this.

chris amazing a couple with his magic

How long have you been doing your thing?

I’ve been doing magic for 24-26 years and I’ve been a professional magician for 8-9 of those.

What is the advantage of choosing/hiring a professional (you)?

Well the main advantage is that you get me and there is only one of them.

With me you’re getting someone who combines the natural amazement of perfectly executed tricks with wit, repartee and charm as opposed to hack lines.

I perform magic, mindreading, hypnosis and can even host your day as well.

People book me because we just hit it off, they find me fun, friendly, experienced and helpful then jaw dropping bonus is a huge bonus too.

chris amazing a couple with his magic

What is your favourite memory / wedding?

An extravagant wedding at Lulworth Castle where the guestbook was a car, there was a huge variety of entertainment on the day, the couple were super cool and relaxed and every guest just felt like a friend I hadn’t seen for a while.
Felt truly welcomed and was sad to have to leave.

What thing are people always surprised about what you do/don’t do?

I think people who haven’t seen magic before or in quite a while are quite surprised how good it is and how amazed they end up being.

Whether this is due to stigmas attached to rabbits coming out of hats or whatever I don’t know but when you have timid uninterested guests screaming “F***ing hell* at the top of their voice within 5 minutes of my performance it’s quite humbling.


chris amazing a couple with his magic

What do you do for fun?

Spend time with my partner and daughters, see friends, maybe drink a gin too many – nothing too crazy!

Freddo or Marmite on toast?

Probably Marmite but I’d prefer Bovril.

chris amazing a tablewith his magic

What are you contact details?
insta – @chrispiercymagic


chris amazing a couple with his magic



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