Dorset Wedding Photographer – HD Video and Fusion

Dorset Wedding Photographer – HD Video and Fusion

I’ve been photographing weddings in Dorset for many years now. I remember having a MiniDV camcorder many years ago now, and spending many hours editing video in front of Adobe Premiere. This was all purely for personal and family projects. So when I started photographing weddings I naturally starting doing slideshows set to music, then as Blu-Ray became available I also added HD slideshows as an option to my clients. Then Canon brought out the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This was a groundbreaking camera in many ways. It was the first digital SLR to enable full HD video to be captured by a SLR. Of course compact digital cameras had allowed it long before this. The real difference was in the quality. Suddenly Film quality was available rather than the home movie quality of compacts.

It was with this Camera that I started adding a bit of video to my work. It started off with filming the first dance to add into the slideshow. Then Slowly it expanded into filming the ceremony, and the speeches. For this it was essential to get 2 (at least) different viewpoints so a second camera was added. A canon 550D – again full HD with awesome quality. Then came a couple of advancements that made this ready for more serious work. Namely a GoPro Hero HD2, this little camera is a small little camera that you can put anywhere. Coupled with a wifi-bacpac you can view, stream video and control the camera all over wifi. Being so small you can put it in locations you’d never be able to put a full size camera. The footage is still great though! I also added a Sony NEX-VG20 this is a APS-C sized camera in a proper camcorder body giving you the quality of a dSLR and the controls of a camcorder. Simply brilliant.

It’s this combination of skills, technology and creativity that have enabled me to offer a bespoke HD video package to my clients.

Here’s an image of me streaming some video via the GoPro Hero HD2 and wifi-bacpac in the studio as an example.

dorset wedding photographer film with gopro HD Hero2