How to choose your fun Dorset Wedding Photographer?

How to choose your fun Dorset Wedding Photographer?

So you’re getting married in Dorset? (Even if you’re getting married somewhere else everything I say here still applies) Let me start with a question. Do you want your wedding to be boring and dull and want everyone to be looking at their watch wanting to go home? I’m guessing that most of you reading this will probably say not. A wedding is a celebration of your love. You want your family, friends around to party, have a good time and even should the need arise dance. A wedding is an emotional day. In essence you want it to be as much fun for the kids (if you’re having them) as you do for grandma doris and uncle bob). You’ve spent a long time dreaming of this day (maybe). So you want this fun and enjoyment to not only be reflected on the day but in the wedding photography too. This is of course where I come in. I love enjoying weddings, so much so that I photograph around 25-30 a year. Each one is unique, everyone has their story and I love being part of the day. I am not a photographer who will make you stick to the timetable (though I will help you get sat down to your wedding breakfast of time). I’m along for the ride of your wedding day as much as you are, and although I have seen a lot of weddings so can offer the wealth of my experience I have learned that there is no such thing as a ‘normal wedding’. So relax, enjoy the day and with me as your awesome wedding photographer you will be ensured of some superb wedding photographs whether your wedding is in Dorset or in some other location!

Things I have done whilst photographing weddings

I’ve hung off a bus, shot out the back of a moving car, out of multiple car windows without the aid of a safety net, Climbed onto roofs, climbed trees, climbed spiderweb climbing frames, gone down an inflatable slide, underwater (well in the sea), in the sand, on a boat, in a helicopter. I see it as my job to get the picture of you on your wedding day, my vantage point knows no bounds.

I’m having the best wedding in the world, with a hog roast. When should I contact you about my wedding photography?

So if you’re looking for someone passionate about capturing your wedding and making it the very best day without getting in the way then please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


riding a scooter backwards was pretty fun


finding a different vantage point is always useful


Hanging out of a car window is fun… just avoid the flys


Hanging out of a car window is fun… this is the result

Thanks to Andy Rapkins and Phillip Allen for putting up with me on the weddings I shot these 2 frames (apart from the scooter photo – Andy obviously shot that one).



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