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Bournemouth Town Hall Wedding Photographer – Dan and Deborah – Sneak Peek

Bournemouth Town Hall Wedding Photographer – Dan and Deborah – Sneak Peek

Bournemouth Town Hall was the venue for this weekends wedding with Dan and Deborah. After a very wet week we had a glorious sunny day (with only a couple of wet parts). I started off with Debbie at home in Christchurch where Dan had arranged a couple of surprises (these will have to wait for the full blog post after Dan and debbie have seen their images). From there I raced to Bournemouth Town hall and the Registry office, where Dan and his guests were waiting. As an interesting aside I saw a giant spider and included this as a wildlife section to this sneak peek :). The ceremony was brilliant and I even threw in the surprise of video’ing the ceremony for Dan and Debbie, so that should be fun to watch back and edit in some photographs to make a nice slideshow. After the service it was accross to the Bournemouth Gardens for some formal photographs and five minutes with Dan and Debbie before heading back to the car (just before it rained).

The next location was the reception at St Leonards Hotel, in St Leonards (near Ringwood and Ferndown). The wedding co-ordinator was pleasantly surprised by how I’d already done all the formal photographs meaning that dinner wouldn’t be delayed. Apparently thats unusual. It doesn’t happen when I’m commissioned for a wedding. I understand upsetting the Chef isn’t a good move if I want food too! The three course meal was excellent 🙂 There were some excellent (if brief) speeches and some fun dancing with the children enjoying themselves immensely.

Thanks for being so welcoming and being so Awesome guys.. here’s a few sneak peeks for you ahead of your full viewing in a few weeks.

Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 1Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 2Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 3Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 4Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 5Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 6Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 7Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer SpiderBournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 8Bournemouth Town Halll Wedding Photographer 9

And as a slideshow

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