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35mm Film Wedding Photography – Roy and Tasha

35mm Film Wedding Photography – Roy and Tasha

You may have noticed I’m a Dorset based wedding photographer, but, I also get to photograph weddings in other counties. Now like lots of other photographers I have switched to digital photography for the vast majority of my work. However I still shoot some old 35mm film now and again. I shot a single roll of 24 exposure Fuji Superia film (ISO200) at a recent wedding at the old vicarage near christchurch. You can see my sneak peek blog here.

Why shoot a wedding with film?

Well if you want the old skool look of film and love the way things are rendered then that maybe one reason. You may also want to have a set of negatives. Of course the quality of 35mm is still absolutely top notch so although it’s an analogue format there is still something magical about film and the way it looks.

Dorset Film wedding photographer

If you’re looking for a whole wedding to be shot on film then please contact me about shooting some or part of your wedding on film. This one was shot with my trusty Nikon F5 with nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens and some Fujifilm out of date stock. (thanks to clare west for the film)

Here’s a selection of images from my 35mm film from Roy and Tasha’s wedding35mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-235mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-335mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-835mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-635mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-935mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-1135mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-1235mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-1335mm-Film-Dorset-Wedding-Photography-23

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